Jess Stansbury completed her yoga teacher training in 2013 through the School of Royal Yoga where she was trained in Hatha yoga.  After earning her certification, she spent several years diving deeper into her own practice and exploring various styles of yoga before making the decision to start teaching in 2018.  Since then, she's also completed trainings in restorative and SUP yoga, and being on the water is one of her favorite places to practice.  


When she’s not teaching yoga, Jess works as a holistic health coach, helping people integrate diet and lifestyle changes to improve their wellbeing.  By focusing on nutrition patterns, stress management, relationships, movement, spirituality, and self-love she is able to help those she works with feel vibrant, beautiful, and energized so that they could lead joyful healthy lives. 


Yoga has been an integral part of Jess’ own holistic health journey.  Through yoga, she’s learned how to let go, slow down, become present, and just breathe.  It’s her hope that she can share these powerful lessons with students in her class so that they too can experience the peace and healing that comes from practicing yoga.