Flexibility and breath control are vital tools in a fighters arsenal.  However, these two aspects of training often come secondary to drilling, sparring, strength training, and conditioning.   The Show the Art Yoga Academy's goal is to introduce the practice of yoga to martial artists of all disciplines.  Yoga is the art form of folding the body in order achieve it's most functional form while integrating breath work to guide us safely and methodically into specific asanas or shapes.  The art of Jiu Jitsu involves unfolding ones opponent and disrupting their breath in order to create physical and mental discord until the body is rendered helpless. In order to be victorious, ones center must be maintained.  A daily yoga practice will help the martial artist to stay centered mentally and physically on the mat.

Taught in a warm room to simulate a "post training" environment and improved muscle pliability, static yoga postures, sequencing, and anatomy will be covered with a focus on a fighters mental and physical needs.  In addition, we will cover specific postures that relate directly to grappling and kickboxing techniques, common injury prevention, and rehabilitation.  With an improved knowledge of how to link breath and movement, along with spinal and other structural alignments, participants will leave with valuable knowledge that can be applied on and off of the mat.  Click the ShowTheArt graphic above to get started!


To schedule a Show The Art Yoga for Jiu Jitsu workshop at your martial arts school, please contact us.